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Book your next gig, wedding, party or corporate function at RED-C. Feel free to come in and we are happy to show you around our venue. We are open to the public Wednesday to Sunday from 11am for lunch and dinner service, so if you would like to book a table or a tour, please call our reception staff on 02 8999 1818 after 11am.

Hirer Details
Please read these Conditions of Hire carefully.

The words ‘Hirer’, ‘you’ and ‘your’ refer to the person or organisation (and their authorised representative) who are entering a contract on the following terms to hire the venue.

The words ‘Venue’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘RED Community’, ‘RED-C Events’ and ‘RED-C Events Centre’ refer to the entity Regional Ethical Development – Community Pty Ltd, and it’s registered business names, running the events/function centre situated at Lot 22 Jordan Esplanade, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450.

This agreement is subject to the laws of New South Wales.

By signing these Conditions of Hire, you agree to be bound by them, both personally and, if on behalf of an organisation, you are confirming that you have the authority to bind the organisation to this agreement.

Thank you for considering RED-C Events Centre for your Function / Event. Below is important information that you must be aware of and adhere to at all times when utilising our facilities.

Individual set quotations discussed with the functions coordinator are valid for five (5) days only and subject to change after this time.

Pricing for utilising our facilities: Pricing will vary for each individual depending on many factors such as: amount of people, type of function, special requirements etc. You must speak with the Events Coordinator to receive a more comprehensive tailored quote.

Costs & Menu items are subject to change at any time.

Room Hire: Applies for most functions. The cost is charged on a case by case basis, subject to set up requirements, day & duration of your Function/Event and will be established at the time of enquiry.

Minimum Spend: This amount will vary for each function depending on function type and requirements. This will be confirmed at the time of booking. The nominated amount must be reached for each function. (This is inclusive of food and drink only.) Additional extras are not included in the minimum spend.

Confirmation of your booking: We do not take tentative bookings therefore a booking is not confirmed until the deposit and a signed copy / acceptance of this agreement has been received. To confirm a booking, we require a minimum deposit payment of 30%. Cash or direct deposit are accepted and payment can be made with the Events Co-ordinator, in person or over the phone during business hours.

GST: GST is charged in addition to the quoted price. This will be shown on the invoice that is received from RED-C Events.

Security: Security personnel may be mandatory for some functions, in particular Fridays and Saturdays with 40+ guests. Requirements for all functions will be at the discretion of your functions coordinator and typical costs will range from $100 – $150 per guard. RED-C Events reserves the right to cancel a function at any time or remove disruptive individuals if the safety of staff and patrons is compromised.

Bar TAB: A bar tab is payable on conclusion of your function if it is not part of your minimum spend. The hirer can nominate what drinks will be offered to their guests. Eg Tap Beer, House Wine & Soft drink, Basic Spirits, Open Bar etc. This will be discussed in more detail at the final meeting.

BOND: A $500 Bond is required under RED-C Events Centre customer damage & liability clause for all functions. The bond is fully refunded upon conclusion of the event once management’s inspection of the hired function room/s has been assessed and clearance granted. Methods of payment for bond are detailed below.

Manual Credit Card Bond: A Manual Credit Card swipe is taken for the amount of $500.00 by RED-C Events Centre. An authorised suspension of the $500 is placed on the credit card two – three (2- 3) days prior to the function. This amount is suspended and not accessible by the credit card holder. If no claim has been made by RED-C Events Centre, the money is automatically released back onto the credit card within seven (7) days.

Cash Bond or Direct Deposit Bond: This is required to be paid at least 3 days prior to event and will be refunded within 7 days of the event if no claim has been made.

Damages and Repairs: The hirer will be responsible for any expense in connection with repairs for damage, breakages or extra cleaning which may become necessary due to damage or other causes during the period of the function. RED-C Events Centre reserves the right to determine the cost of any damages and/or extra cleaning necessary above and outside what is normally expected following usage of the venue. We reserve the right to retain all or part of the bond to meet such costs as necessary, and/or to bill the hirer for additional costs if the bond does not cover damage caused.

CANCELLATIONS: In the event of cancellation the following terms will apply:
1. We reserve the right to cancel any function with adequate notice.
2. There is a three (3) business day cooling off period from the day the deposit is received. After this time, the deposit is non-refundable.
3. All cancellations must be made in writing to the Events Coordinator.
4. For functions cancelled six (6) weeks or less before the function date, the cancellation fee will be equal to 50% of the total estimated value of the function.
5. Once final numbers and payment received there will be no refunds or credit. (refer to Final Numbers below)

Function Duration: Times will vary depending on the day / time your function is held. This will be confirmed with the Events Coordinator when you enquire. Extended duration times beyond the agreed booking times will be subject to an hourly rate of $100 per hour or agreed value.

Please note: All evening functions must cease prior to 1am and alcohol sales cease at midnight or as per our liquor licence conditions or any applicable law.

Room Set Up / Access: RED-C Events Centre reserves the right to book other events / functions in the same function room up to one hour before the scheduled starting time and one hour after the scheduled finishing time. The maximum set up time for a hired room is one (1) hour prior to your function. If you require extra time for set up you will need to make a request with the Function Coordinator at your final meeting. This is not guaranteed and will only be granted within accordance of the room’s availability for that day. Extra charges may apply for extra set up time. Hirers and limited immediate family members can have access to the room one (1) hour prior to the commencement of the function and one (1) hour after the function ends for pack down. All other guests are required to wait in the lounge area until the nominated starting time.

Final Meeting: To avoid extra fees, it is the responsibility of the hirer to organise a final meeting with the Events Coordinator no later than ten (10) days prior to your function. It is at this meeting that you will be required to finalise attendance numbers and final payment. A $50 late payment fee will be charged for payments received after this time.

Final Numbers: Final attendance numbers are to be confirmed at your final meeting. This will be the Guaranteed Number. No refunds given for cancellation of numbers after this time.
Increases are acceptable if adequate notice is given. Charges will be based on the Guaranteed Number or the number attending whichever is greater. Should the guaranteed numbers change dramatically, management reserves the right to reassign your function to a more suitable room. Extra charges may apply.

Identification: A Drivers License or valid Passport is required as proof of identity when securing a booking for the function room/s. A photocopy will be taken of the identification and kept as a record for booking validity.

Payment: All function accounts must be paid with Cash, direct deposit, EFTPOS or Bank cheque ten (10) days before the function date. The contract signatory is liable to pay all monies due under this Agreement. We do not provide credit. Company and Bank cheques are only accepted with prior approval. No personal cheques accepted.

Staffing: Adequate staffing will be supplied by RED-C Events Centre based on your Function / Event type and numbers. All staff involved in the sale or supply of alcohol will have current Responsible Service of Alcohol accreditation.

Celebration Cake: Is the only outside food item that is allowed to be brought in by the Hirer, unless otherwise negotiated. Additional charges will apply if you require the venue to cut / service your cake. Options available: Cake cut to platter $25 – Cake individually cut / plated and served to your guests $1.50ph. Whilst we will take all due care, we hold no responsibility for damage to your cake whilst stored on our premises.

Food & Beverage: Hirers / guests are not permitted to supply any of their own food or drink whatsoever, unless otherwise negotiated with us. We reserve the right to remove and discard any items bought into the venue. Considerations for some items may be approved, however surcharges may apply.

Special Dietary Requirements: RED-C Events Centre is able to accommodate customers ‘special dietary’ or cultural requirements with sufficient prior notice. Please see the Events Coordinator for options available.
Please note: We do not cater for nut allergies.

Take Home Food/Doggy Bags: Apart from the celebration cake, under NO circumstances can any left over food from any Function/ Event be taken home.

Delivery and Pick up of Equipment: The venue must be advised of all deliveries / collections made on behalf of the hirer. Payment for any delivery of goods must be made by the hirer in advance. Assistance for moving in or out of equipment is not guaranteed and will only be possible if staff are available

DJ’s & Entertainers: By prior arrangement with us only. If you intend to arrange your own DJ, band or entertainer to perform at your function, noise levels, regulations and policies must be strictly adhered to and are not negotiable. Bubble machines are not permitted.

Damages & Theft: Function / Event organisers will assume financial responsibility for any and all damages and / or theft caused during the event/function, by any of their guests or any other persons attending the event/function, whether in the room (s) or in any other part of the venue.

Beyond our control: RED-C Events Centre will not be held responsible for any losses sustained if a function cannot proceed due to a robbery, fire, industrial dispute, water main break, power failure, force majeure event or any other reason beyond our control.

Equipment Hire: Charges apply for all special equipment requirements for your function. Please discuss needs and costs with the Events Coordinator.

Decorations: Our rooms are laid out in neutral tones and decorations can be brought in to enhance your celebrations, however there are a few guidelines and conditions that must be strictly adhered to;

BLU TACK & 3M products are allowed. Pins, sticky tape, adhesive or glue are not permitted.
Table Sprinkles/Confetti /Party Poppers /Rice/ Flower Petals / Glitter etc ARE NOT permitted. A $100 cleaning fee will be charged if any of the above items are used in the venue
Candy/lolly buffets are allowed; However they must consist of confectionery only.
No dessert / cake items are permitted! We reserve the right to remove any items that do not adhere to this request.
ALL decorations must be removed by the client on the conclusion of the function.
Decorations Safety Policy: Decorations must be approved by the Events Coordinator at the final meeting. RED-C Events Centre is happy to allow you to decorate the function room to your liking, however it is imperative to maintain safety in doing so. Ladders, step ladders, chairs and table tops are not permitted to be used for decorating the room.

I, The Hirer, understand that participating in room preparation/decoration of the hired premises is to be done so at my own risk. Any physical injuries sustained are of no consequence or liability to RED-C Events Centre.

I, The Hirer, forfeit all rights to make any claims against RED-C Events Centre or any of its employees for any physical injuries or damages that may occur on the premises. I also understand that I am accountable for any aesthetic damages caused on the premises by myself or my guests.

Cleaning: General and normal cleaning is included in the cost of the room hire charge, however additional charges will be payable if the function has created cleaning needs above and beyond normal standard cleaning. The damage will be assessed for any major stains & spillages and the cost associated to clean the area will be deducted from the bond.

Bar Closure: The bar will close fifteen (15) minutes prior to midnight or according to liquor licensing regulations. Lights will be turned up fully to indicate closure of the bar.

Smoking Policy: RED-C Events Centre is strictly non-smoking inside, on the deck and on the balconies.

Car Parking: RED-C Events Centre has ample on-site car parking available. (Subject to availability). We accept no responsibility for loss or damage made to vehicles whilst on the premises.

Dress Code: At least neat casual and appropriate to the type of event being held. All patrons including children must wear footwear at all times.

Liquor Licensing Law: In line with Australian standards, RED-C Events Centre practices the Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA).

The venue practices strict RSA practices and reserves the right to refuse the service of alcohol to any guest it considers to be under age, intoxicated or behaving in an offensive manner.
Any guest under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian at all times.
It is against the law for guests under the age of 18 to consume alcoholic beverages or enter the Gaming Area. Under no circumstances should they do so regardless of parental/legal guardian consent.
Under the Liquor Licensing Law a person, parent or licensee must not supply alcohol to a minor. Attempting to buy liquor for a minor may incur a Penalty that exceeds $6,000.
If guests are drunk, violent or quarrelsome they must leave the premises upon request. Failure to do so may incur a Penalty that exceeds $13,000.
Any failure to comply with any of the above points will result in the immediate termination of the function without refund. We are a fully licensed venue, therefore NO alcohol whatsoever can be bought onto our premises. If this rule is breached, we reserve the right to remove and discard any alcohol bought into the venue.
We are a member of the local Liquor Accord and will enforce multi-venue bans if any are applicable to your guests. It is the hirer’s responsibility to inform their guests of this. We reserve the right to refuse any person entry under this clause if a multi-venue ban applies to them.
Responsibility of the Hirer:

Children attending the function must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times. Hirers must ensure that children are not placed at risk upon entering or leaving the venue.
The hirer assumes full responsibility and is liable for all damages caused by guests, invitees and all other people in attendance. This liability extends to all other areas of RED-C Events Centre inclusive of the Car Park.
The venue will take all necessary care to ensure safety of property however RED-C Events Centre will not accept responsibility for any damages or loss of client’s / guest’s property on the premises before, during or after the function.
We reserve the right to intervene if activities in the function room and throughout the venue are considered illegal, noisy, offensive or interrupt other services within the venue. Access prior to the scheduled start time is prohibited unless prior arrangement has been made with the function coordinator.