RED-C puts Peking Duk on the Menu!

With their second concert in as many weeks RED-C Events has breathed much needed life back into the Ex-Coffs Fisho’s. Close to 1200 people came out on a beautiful Sunday evening to enjoy Australian Acts Peking Duk, Kira Puru and Kwame. Now called the Coffs Harbour Amphitheatre the oceanfront outside area of the RED-C offers a fixed venue for larger national and international events.

In response to noise complaints from the first event RED-C’s Dan Stevens explained that “a number of strategies have been put in place to mitigate excessive noise, including limiting the PA, re-orienting the stage further to the South, suspending speakers and reducing the base line of the music on offer. We have taken the noise complaints seriously and hope that these further measures have satisfied concerns.”

“We have also been asked by a number of media outlets for comment on the massive police presence on Sunday and the perceived drug problems. All I can say is that we do not have any drug problems in the venue, we have employed a large number of security guards at our events to prevent any drugs entering the premises and ensure a safe and friendly environment for our patrons. There have been no charges laid within our venue for drug possession and the few people removed from our venue for intoxication have been removed by our own security. Our venue is a fixed venue for events with bar and restaurant, it is not a music festival and we have an advertised zero drug tolerance enforced by our own security. The patrons at both events have been fantastic. The atmosphere has been great, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The crowd at Peking Duk – Credit: Jane Reidy
Kwame – Credit: Scott Bruce

Featured image – Credit: Scott Bruce