SPY V SPY – Coffs Harbour

“Sound the alarm!! Send out a warning!!”
SPY V SPY started in Nelson Bay but really found their way once they moved to Sydney,
living in the squats at Glebe and now they’re on their way to Coffs Harbour.
Taking a well-deserved break from their time spent in DGS studios on the Central Coast
whilst their new album, the platinum-selling Australian hard rock institution known as Spy V
Spy will be appearing at the Red C on Friday the 12th of March!
Fans can expect to hear all the classics as well as a smattering of as yet unreleased material
at this show, their first on the north coast in several years. Since teaming up with
heavyweight booking agency and management firm Big Apachee, the band (affectionately
to as the Spies) has found a new lease on life, effectively growing from strength to strength,
promising to return to the forefront of the Australian rock scene with a slab of strong new
material and the high energy live shows.
Sound the alarm…..
Sound out a warning.
The Spies are back and they mean business!

This event will sell out!

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